Water Cooled Mould

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We are manufacturing water cool moulds for casting round billets of copper & brass. Our liners are centrifugally casted; the id is grinded to achieve a smooth surface for the billet.

Our moulds are specially designed as the water flow inside keeps the liner cool and the billets are casted properly. We also have an additional feature of safety disc in our moulds, to avoid any accidents due to inside pressure.

Mould would consist of M.S. Jacket accommodating centrifugally cast, heat resisting C.I. Liner, fully free to expand laterally & dimensionally under heat.

? Effective water cooling & heat exchange.
? Provision of safety disc in case pressure builds up in the jacket.
? Mould mounting to be vertical.
? Effective & easy mould sealing at the bottom of mould.
? Consistent water circulation, Cleaning & Lubrication of mould Liner will go a long way in MOULD LINER LIFE

Mentioned below are available billets with OD & length.

1 F 206 1475MM
2 F 178 1475MM
3 F 137 1450MM
4 F 116 1825MM
5 F 100 1574MM
6 F 122 1450MM
7 F 97 1450MM
8 F 62 1220MM
9 F 66 1220MM