Carbon Injection Systems For Electric Arc Furnaces

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Our Carbon Injector has been designed to sustain the specific flow-rates required by the different lancing methods in use.

Carbon fines is filled from the top to the vessel with the help of a filling valve (Ball valve) and a small receiving-hopper with air-vibrator.The filling process is controlled by the load-cell & weight-indicator. At the bottom of the vessel, there is a fluidization cone with Horizontal rotary feeder which feeds the carbon at the controlled rate to the pipe-line going to the carbon-lance through solenoid-operated pneumatic-valve.

It gives better control on feeding rate and better life of feeder also.

Our Carbon Injector consists of following components:

? Safety Relief valve angle pattern spring loaded with screwed cap
? Feed wheel (Polyurethane rubber rotor)
? Essenpro Make Helical Geared Motor, Horizontal type, Model HGM/63-100L4, Complete with Flange Mounting of 2.2KW TEFC squirrel cage Induction Motor (BBL/CGL Make only), suitable for operation on 415 ± 10% Volts, 3 Phase, 50 c/s ± 5% supply with ambient temperature of 450C, "F" Class Insulation with temperature rise restricted to "B" Class, conforming to IS-325, IP-55 protection, having final output speed of 35.5 service factor of > 1.5.
? Abcoflex S.S. Corrugated hose with S.S. branding fitted at both ends with M S stub end flanges as per ASA 150 standard.
? 2" Moisture Separator with vertical Flange End
? 2" BSP(F) Pressure Regulator along with Pressure Gauge -Pressure range - 0 to 10kg/cm2
? Load Cells, Sensortronics Make – Model 65023 Capacity – 1800 kgs with Mounting Kit
? Signal Transmitter
? Local Control Box with Electric Hooter/Siren
? 50 NB Ball Valve with Actuator and Solenoid Valve
? 1 ? "Ball valve with Actuator and Solenoid Valve
? 2" Manual Ball Valve
? ?" Manual Ball Valve
? 8” Butterfly Valve with Actuator Solenoid Valve and limit switch
? 1?" Manual Ball Valve
? 2" Rubber hose and pneumatic Hose
? 2" Cam lock Coupling