Our Products

At SREI, we manufacture products as per our customer design and requirements . We have the best of the team to understand the drawing and get the job manufactured.

Our main Aim is to achieve a Timely delivery with Quality of high standards.

? Enough place to have big fabrication jobs with overhead cranes for handling .

? In House Machining Facility Available.

? Welding as per customer requirement After all its our speciality. We under take lot of welding related labour jobs. We have a qualified team of welders and are constantly being monitored human hair uk by our Welding Technicians .

? Jobs are pre inspected at our end , by our technical team before the final call of inspections . It helps us in speedy delivery of our products as it is constantly monitored by our technician aat every stage full lace wigs, and helps us in achieving an better productivity .

Painting and Packaging facility available at our end .

Our product range includes specialized equipment and machinery for different industries.Our speciality is quality welding and manufacturing the equipment to their close tolerances.